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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I think it is safe to say our family is exhausted! The days start early and end late.

Today after we left the farm (most likely the drywall will be all up tomorrow), we headed to Des Moines to pick up our cabinets. Thankfully, my cousin Tim was able to drop by and help load them up, because the kids and I wouldn't have been much help. We then headed to Menards to pick up mud and other materials needed to continue working. We were home by 10:30.

Pretty much right now, Ethan's days consist of juggling his office and youth work and then building, along with making sure the animals on the farm are happy. He is home long enough to catch a short night of sleep.

My days consist of keeping the house in somewhat of an order (clean dishes to eat off of and clean clothes to wear), making and running food out to the workers at the farm, spending about an hour out there to answer questions, running errands to keep people working, and then trying to pack the house with any spare time I can find.

The kids' day consists of being lugged from place to place with Mom, possibly getting a nap, and most likely getting to bed well past their bed time. Although I feel like they are not getting the attention right now we would like to give them, we are able to have nice visits on our car rides.

Even though we are all exhausted, we are blessed with all of the wonderful help we have been getting. The countdown now is 2 weeks until we need to be out of our house and living at the farm. Thanks to all of the people who have helped us out, we will be able to rest a lot more comfortably once we get there!!

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QuiltedSimple said...

Good luck - you're busy but think of how nice it will be when you are in.

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