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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Construction Over the Last Week

Sorry for the lack of pictures and updates. This last week has been quite a full one for us - especially Ethan. This is the week that all of the fall activities start up at the church again. Not only is his youth group starting up this week, but he is also in the middle of moving the youth center from where we live now to the church. Along with that, this week our church started a first time weekly youth program for 3 yr olds - 5th graders that I am helping run.

Have I mentioned that we have lots of transitions this fall! Starting a new farm, building a new house, moving out of our house this month, expecting a baby in Nov, youth group starting up again, preparing a new youth center, and a new children's ministry at church. I'm probably missing something too!

Even so, we have still been moving ahead with the building. Our evenings have been a bit shorter at the farm, but we had a very productive work day on Saturday where my cousin Tim came out and helped and Ethan's mom came and entertained the kids. As of now, we are pretty much wrapping up our piddly work. I have been forgetting to take pictures when we are out there since I am so occupied with other things, but it's hard to see the changes anyway now since it's just little things here and there.

If you have been following Ethan's blog, you may have caught wind that something unexpected is going on with our building project. I plan on posting an update on that tomorrow if I can carve out some time, and hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures too when we are out there.

Other than that, packing the house is coming along well, and I have quite a few towers of things that are packed up and ready to move over in a few weeks. Make sure to check back for the building update though, and I'll try to make sure to not go so long between posts!

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