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Friday, September 5, 2008

Barn Raising at Stoneyfield

From the beginning of this project I have told Ethan that all I really wanted before we moved into the house was a functioning bathroom. I was very willing to move into a construction zone if it meant that we would be getting our housing allowance (when the parsonage sold) and that we would finally be in the country.

Ethan had planned on taking 3 weeks of vacation that he has accumulated over the years (from not having a vacation for a LONG time) to finish the house up inside. We were set back quite a bit, however, with all of the rain this summer. Before we knew it, the summer was over, youth things were starting, and the chance for taking vacation time had passed.

When the parsonage sold we knew we had very limited time to get the house ready to move in to. Even so, there was enough time to get a functioning bathroom. I felt set and ready to go.

Well, this week someone from our church came into Ethan's office and started talking to him about the building project. He heard about our goal for moving in - a bathroom and some drywall thrown up (with electricity run too). It was a pretty realistic goal that we were both comfortable with. Our friend, however, was not so comfortable with it. He talked to Ethan awhile and then also called me up and talked to me for a good half an hour. I had to smile that one of his big concerns was not having doors up, especially in the bathroom for "noise reasons". :)

So we were extended an offer. This particular gentleman used to be a contractor and does some remodeling on the side. (From what I have heard he does an exceptional job, especially with mudding, taping, and texturing drywall.) He wanted to be given permission to line up other people from our church to help us get the house a little more livable before we move in 3 weeks from now. And what he meant by a little more livable is the drywall completed, walls painted, doors hung, and trim in place! We graciously accepted the offer, of course!

Before we knew it, we were showing a group of men around the house who have talents and skills ranging from drywalling, painting, electrical work, and just plain handy men.

My dad had already planned to come and help for a few days and arrived yesterday morning, so we have been busy getting ready for this work crew to start in full swing next week. A few of them have even been out the last two days. As you can see, we are putting insulation in the walls and ceiling now. Drywall will be soon to follow.

We have truly been blessed through this whole process. Not once have we had to beg for help, even before we decided to build. Ethan and I had been looking at properties and thinking that the only way we could get the land we wanted was to build, but we never said anything knowing we would need some help.

Not long after we figured that out, we got a call from my dad asking if we had considered just building. He mentioned he would help us get going if it was something we wanted to do. From that point on, we have been blessed with volunteers and tools and equipment being shared. And now it looks like we are going to have a good old community barn raising!

And just a note on the side. Tonight we were leaving the farm from a long day of work. Ethan wasn't sure if he locked the doors, so we turned around, stopped on the road, and Ethan ran down the lane to check the house. Caleb all of the sudden spoke up and said, "Mom, all I can hear are crickets." Quite different from where we are now. A loud street, neighbors who yell choice words across the alley at each other during the evening, a train track that runs by our house . . .

I said back to Caleb, "You're right. I think it's nice."


Rebekah Costello said...

Isn't the contrast between the city an the country truly astounding? It's almost like moving to a different world altogether. There is a peace that comes over me out here, where it's quiet, that I never knew a person could have until I moved here. I love it.

Seems like there is probably an analogy to be had about God's handiwork vs Man's....

Tracy said...

Aren't God's people great? What fantastic news! You will so much more comfortable this way with a new little one to add to the family!

McKrola Family said...

I love hearing about good people helping each other. Its great!

Stephanie said...

Becca, About a year ago, we were in your shoes. Building a little house for our family,debt free, on 7 acres. One contractor in our little country church provided his crew to put in our foundation (while I was in the hospital with our littlest and my wonderful husband started his new job). Then a second contractor donated his crew to frame our house. It took 2-1/2 weeks in the GA heat (in Aug) and our 11-year-old son got to work hard right along with the crew. THEN... our church showed up to put on the roof that ANOTHER contractor got for us at cost.

It has been incredible to see the Lord provide as we endeavor to honor Him.

May the LORD continue to WOW you!

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