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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kids These Days . . .

Yesterday our cabinets got hung in our house. They look great! (I'll take a picture when doors get put back on them.) With the cabinets up, and the week coming to an end quickly - when we will move in - Ethan and I decided that it was time to make a Menards run to pick up some things for the bathroom and kitchen.

We headed out just shortly before supper. This time my mom was able to watch the kids, so it was just the two of us. We went to the farm, picked up the stock trailer, and headed down the gravel road again on our way.

It wasn't even a mile later when Ethan decided that something was wrong with the trailer. When we pulled over, he soon discovered that it wasn't the trailer, but the truck. We had blown a tire. (Funny thing . . . we had the truck at the shop last week to get our two new tires on. There was a "building emergency" that popped up, so I had to pick it up before it was done to run an errand. We haven't had time to get it back, and the tire that would have been replaced is the one that blew.)

So, Ethan got the tire off and we got on the phone. After calling every tire store in the area (closed) and all of our friends and church members programed into our cell phone, we were left with two options. 1- have my mom try to dig out buried car seats, figure out how to hook them up in her van, get the kids loaded, and find us on a back country road 20 minutes away that she wasn't familiar with or 2 - wait 45 minutes for a friend from church to come and get us.

We decided option 2 would be quicker.

Since we didn't have much to do, we made the best of our time. There was a farmer baling hay down the gravel road with a baler that would shoot the square bales into the rack. So we walked down and watched him. It was actually kind of nice, minus the lost time and blown tire.

The whole time we were standing on that gravel road though, with a broken down truck not far away (and me being 8 months pregnant), we only had 1 of the many vehicles that passed by stop to ask us if we needed help.

And when the truck stopped, out jumped a young high school student with his wide smile showing off his braces. We told him that we had a ride coming, but thanked him for stopping. He smiled wider, nodded, and hopped back in his truck. Kids these days . . . there is hope!

By the way, after we got back to our house we used my mom's van to go to Des Moines. We weren't able to get everything since we didn't have the trailer, but we knocked off a good hour and a half of shopping and decision making and had a great 10:00 supper at ihop. We'll go back for the rest today when the tire is fixed.


Tim said...

Proof that you don't have my phone number programmed into your cell phone???

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Oops - I should have said that our friends from Knoxville. :)

John said...

Suggestion - If you are going to be living rural, you have got to start carrying a functional spare...

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

We did have one ... once. It was attached beneath our truck. Someone stole it where we are living now. Along with our trolling motor, bike, some containers of gas, and I'm sure some other things we haven't learned about yet.

Where we are at is right beside the railroad tracks on the inside edge of town. The tracks are surrounded by lots of trees, so people like to walk them, see what we have for grabs, and then duck back in and walk out on the tracks. I will be glad to leave them behind!

As soon as this big house push is done, I'm going to make sure we replace that spare!

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