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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ahead of Schedule!

The last two days have been filled with progress. The plan at the beginning of the week was to texture the house today. If you noticed, however, we got to that point a couple days ago. So yesterday the house was primed. And today we just kept going!

Ethan got up first thing in the morning and went out to spray the ceiling paint on with the gentleman from our church who got the crew of workers together. I spent the morning trying to get our paint tinted.

(To make a long story "somewhat" short, we were up until 11:00 pm last night trying to get it. No luck. I went to a True Value's paint shop this morning. Their color matching machine was out. No problem. They could call the main company office with the paint names and get the formula. Great! I left my paint samples with them. Problem - less than 2 hours before we needed the paint I get a call that says they can't get the formula for 4 of our 6 colors. So I go get my color chips back and head to Wal-Mart, who has been low on paint this past week but does have a color matching machine. I buy all they have available and get it tinted just shortly before noon, when we need the paint. If it wasn't enough, I would run to the next town in the afternoon. Okay . . . so it wasn't that short of a story.)

Before I get to the painting though, I can't forget to mention the crew that worked on finishing our doors and molding the last two days. My dad headed up the operation, and 5 others worked with him. After they finished up at noon, they came out to help paint too.

Okay, so after lunch the painting crew started. I even remembered my camera this time Tim was out and got proof he really comes out! (Trust me, it's him even though you can only see his back.)

So . . . here are the colors. I debated posting them since the camera didn't capture the true color well and I'm awful at naming colors, but oh well. You'll get the idea.

Here is the bathroom/laundry room- light tannish
Here is the kitchen/dining room (left) and living room (right) - cream and dark tan
There will be a length of wide decorative molding that will run up the line with a crown molding cap a the ceiling - kind of like a pillar.
Here is Caleb and Hannah's room. Caleb wanted the house green so badly through this whole process so I told him he could have a green bedroom. It will be a farm room to make it gender neutral. I drove their toy John Deere tractors over the paint chips to find one that would go well with the John Deere Tractors. If you are on Ethan's side of the family (my dad works for John Deere), don't worry. Minneapolis Moline will be represented too, along with Farmalls (What we have). I just couldn't have greens clashing!
Here is the baby's room. (One day we will have a girls room and boys room)
And here is our room. It goes with our quilt I am almost finished making.So there you go. Those are kind of our colors. And the great thing is, the paint that I scrounged up at Wal-Mart was JUST enough! On my way over there I was praying that they would have just what we needed. If True Value wouldn't have been able to pick up those two colors though, we would have been short.

Alright, so now that I've spent WAY too much time on the computer, I'm going to bed!


Tracy said...

WOW you are making HUGE progress! It looks great! I wish I had as much confidence in color matching as you do- we ended up with a light cream throughout our house and now I long for color...Your home is going to be so cozy!

Cathy said...

I like your colors. They seem like smart (gender neutral), but warm and cozy colors. I home to be enjoyed.

Tim said...

Ethan told me he wanted me to paint the most important parts of the house to showcase my skill - the inside of the closets. I told him that he is a girl. So I figure that we're even now.

QuiltedSimple said...

The colors you have picked are great. And it's perfect that you are actually ahead of schedule. Looks very good in there.

McKrola Family said...

I need to get painting our house... After the tornado, we had to replace windows so we updated the trim aswell so the wall and everything needs painted.

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