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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Little Update and A Little TMI

I have debated about putting a little TMI (too much information) on here, and tonight I finally decided to break my conservative nature and just go for it. But first, a little update.

Today we had 3 men from the church come out in the morning and help my dad, Ethan, and myself with the building. We were able to get all of the insulation done shortly after lunch. Ethan and I cleaned up and organized the house in the afternoon, and the dry wall crew is planning on coming Monday. It is exciting to see the big changes again! (Pictures to come soon. Check back to this post tomorrow night.)

And now, for a little too much information. I will apologize in advance. :) Like I have mentioned earlier a few times, all I really wanted to move out to the farm was a bathroom. I am getting quite tired of finding a hiding spot in the tall grass. Not only does it cut at my ankles as I walk through, but the tall grasses on our farm also house MANY of these beautiful spiders, which get up to the size of a half dollar. Yes, they are pretty to look at, but it is not fun to bump into their webs. Or sit on them, like I almost did earlier this week. (Sorry about the TMI!)

So I was going to let that story pass by, until tonight. As I was getting ready for bed and crawling under the covers, Ethan stopped short and said, "Becca, don't move!" Of course I screamed and jumped out of bed! Ethan left the room and came back in with a wad of toilet paper. My suspicions were right. A spider. But it wasn't our normal black house spider. No. It was the farm's garden spider. Under the covers. Waiting for me.

Since the guys have it easier than I do and don't have to trek through tall grasses (like I have to MULTIPLE times a day with being pregnant, rain or shine - sorry for the TMI again!), I have only one guess of who it rode home on.

Like I said. All I want is a bathroom!


Rebekah Costello said...

It's taken me 8 months to get used to the spiders and they STILL squick me out. *shudder*

They are beautiful creatures, though. But not in my house and NOT on me.

Cara said...

I wonder how many nights will go by now before you stop checking yourself and the bed covers for spiders. Makes me cringe...

McKrola Family said...

My little boys thought that was the most awesome spider and that it looks like bee.

Creepy. :-) I don't love spiders at all.


Jena said...

Oh that is horrible - I would have screamed for sure!! I had one of those big garden spiders in my zucchini patch this year and you can bet a lot of the zucchini went unpicked. Beautiful, yes, but from a distance. Here's to the first hard frost! :)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh funny... I had one of those in our garden this year -- and sent a kid to grab the camera. No batteries... sent another kids to get 4 batteries... they were dead... sent another kids to get 4 batteries... they were dead (no I didn't just accidentally repeat myself)... finally gave up. We all just stood and looked at it. LOL

Hooray for fresh batteries. Ü

Jean said...

What's wrong with five gallon bucket (can be as small as plastic ice cream bucket)? Ask your dearest to slap together a sort of privacy shelter on the side of house away from the road.... there, you have temporary outhouse! You can always lug half filled bucket and dump in a hole far away from home (dig a "deep" hole, throw some dirt on top of dump every time you empty the bucket). I consider outhouse an essential of country living. My mom found it very useful with only one potty in house. When the cut-in-half plastic barrel gets full enough, mom drags it to house's septic tank lid and dumps it in it. I'm setting my eye on building my own, an exact copy of my mom's outhouse (even if within town limit!!) but in disguse of gardening shed and with plastic ice cream bucket firmly in place (with various potting soil mixes beneath). It is very easy to just bring lid-on bucket into house to be dumped into legal toilet. Very handy for our girls (currently using cut up old tire set right on ground) and for me when I don't want to track dirt into house just to use one of two indoor toilets!

These yellow/black spider always gave me fright when I first saw it. I leave it strictly alone and try to work around it if fesible. No, I wouldn't kill it as I know it eats BUGS. I haven't seen one for long long time.... now you spoke about this spider- I miss it!

Richard said...

You are one tough woman and/or one who is really in love to have been trekking into the grass to do your business while this house was being built.

My wife and I are christians and have been married for 8 1/2 years but I'm thinking she doesn't love me or the outdoors that much ;)

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