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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Crew is Here!

Okay, so I accidentally deleted my pictures that I was going to upload from the past few days. That's about how good my mind is working now with everything going on.

Here are some pictures from today though. As you can see, we are tremendously blessed with friends from our church who want to help us out. And like I mentioned before, we have still to ask one person if they could come and give us a hand. Everyone that has helped out has asked us if they could help.

Today there were around 7 men that came out to hang drywall. The bedroom ceilings are done, some bedroom walls, and a little bit of the living room ceiling. Ethan joined them, and has switched his office hours to the evenings so he can be out there while they are. I also came out with lunch for the guys and to answer some questions about placement of things and what stages various wiring was in.

It is really neat to see drywall up, and it really makes it start to look like a house!

1 comment:

Cathy said...

How absolutely wonderful to be blessed with so much help and fellowship. Also how absolutely wonderful to be so involved in building your own house. It will really be yours!

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