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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Cabinets!

Since we didn't get out to the farm today, I don't have any pictures. We are assuming the builders didn't get out there either though, since it was a rainy night and day. Instead, I will share some pictures of what will be inside. :)

If you take a peek at our drawing for the dining room/kitchen, you may notice that we didn't have many cabinets. We decided to only plan for them on one wall since the more money we put into this building, the further we are away from building a stick built house down the road. To make up for the loss of space, we included a long pantry in the hallway opposite the kitchen. This is to store the overflow. We also left one wall of the kitchen open as a "just in case". It could be used for kitchen furniture or in case we wanted to add more cabinets down the road - especially if this house was the only house we would ever build.

There was one more just in case for this second wall though. Just in case we found some used cabinets at a good price.

Well . . . we did! A young couple in the high dollar part of Des Moines decided to redo their 7 year old house's kitchen. Including the cabinets. We caught the add on Craig's list before anyone else did and got a great bargain!

To give you an idea, one wall of cheap Menards cabinets was going to cost over $800. We now have 2 walls worth of 7 year old high end oak cabinets for less than that price.

This is a big answer to prayer for me! I know I could have worked with the few cabinets we had planned, but I was concerned about being able to cook from scratch the way I have been with such limited counter space while still trying to keep the kitchen area from becoming a complete disaster zone!

I am very happy with these cabinets. They will work well with our design, and they will make making homemade egg noodles and bread much easier!

1 comment:

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

WOW!!! Wow, wow, wow! Isn't God great?!

I can't wait to see a photo of the cabinets in YOUR kitchen. °Ü°

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