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Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 6 of Construction

I'm not really sure how to count the cement work in our construction days. They worked 1 1/2 - 2 days preparing it, one day pouring it, and spent some time the following day cutting it. So maybe 3. For the ease of counting though, I'm not going to include the cement work in the day count of building construction. So I guess we are on day 6.

Our builder actually came out last Friday to start again, but it had rained so much the night before (2-3 inches) that he called us in the morning after stopping by the site and went back home.

If you remember, our land failed the septic perk test, meaning that it doesn't drain well. With all of the equipment tearing up the ground lately, it really isn't draining at all now. It is quite a mess out there!

It continued to rain over the weekend some, but he must have decided that it wasn't going to get much better anytime soon. So even with water standing on the cement slab and muddy ruts threatening to get trailers stuck, they were out there working today.

Ethan and I pulled up to the farm around 5 and were happy with the progress we saw. The mudroom was now framed in, and the openings except for the mudroom doors and windows were framed in. It was neat to see it starting to take a bit more shape. With the windows cut out, we could better visualize the rooms. Also, seeing the big picture window openings in the living room and dining room made us itchy to sit inside on a cold snowy day with a cup of hot chocolate and the wood stove crackling and look over the hillside. But that's awhile off . . . :)

We asked what he thought the time frame looked like for the rest of the project. He thought maybe 5 days or so and he would be done with the building. Tomorrow, weather pending, we should see doors and windows in with Tyvek around the house.

You can always click on the pictures to enlarge and see more detail.

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