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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 9 of Construction

Yesterday morning when Ethan went out to our farm to take care of the animals, our builder showed up. He came out with one of his workers to tack the Tyvek back up since some of it had blown off in the storm the night before.

Ethan talked with him a bit, and he mentioned that he was going to head over to a different job site for awhile. Although a bit disappointed, this is what we expected since our farm is so incredibly wet. I'm sure the builder was wanting some drier ground, and this other site was in a different area of the state.

A bit after Ethan came home, we loaded up the kids and went to Des Moines for an appointment. Since Mondays are usually the day Ethan takes off, we also did some shopping (actually, just looking at things) and just hung out for the day. On the way home Ethan decided to drive by the farm to see how it was drying up.

We were a couple of miles away when Ethan picked out the white roof of our house. He mentioned that it looked like he saw some red on the sides. I told him not to get his hopes up since the builder told him he was going elsewhere.

When we pulled up to the farm, however, Ethan had been right! Although the builders weren't there anymore (their usually work day wasn't over yet), the front of the house had been sided!

We aren't really sure how long they worked - if they decided to just do some things since they were already out there and muddy, and we aren't sure if they plan on coming back this week or going to the other site. We will take it though!

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