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Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 8 of Construction . . . Still

It took awhile for our farm to dry up after the last rain. Saturday we had to pull one of our vehicles out of the mud with our tractor. But yesterday the ground was finally starting to look dry enough for construction again . . . for awhile.

We drove out to the farm at about 5 pm to watch a storm roll in that would bring with it 60 mile and hour winds and around 1 1/2 inches of rain in 30 minutes. It continued to rain through the night, and I'm sure it would be safe to say we got around 3 inches of rain. And there is more in the forecast this week.

So we will continue enjoy just one side of the building red until it is dry enough for the builders to come back out. It goes so fast when they are out there - it's just getting the conditions right so they can be out there!

Even with the farm too wet to enjoy, I still have plenty of things to do with the project. I have paperwork I can do, and maybe I'll price shop for the materials we are going to need once the builders are done. There is also plenty to do with selling this house and preparing for our eventual move. Although, I'm still hoping for building progress out on the farm.

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