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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 8 of Construction

Today the steel was put on the roof, and just in time. We are supposed to get around 2 inches of rain tomorrow, and it is supposed to keep coming into the weekend. Although the ridge vent isn't on yet, the majority of the roof is covered.

The north side of the house also got its steel on, and now our house has some color! It was really cool to drive around to the back and get a glimpse of how things will look once it is completed.
I will admit, the windows on the back of the house are kind of sparse, but we did this on purpose. We could have added a third window on the back with the new third bedroom, but we preferred to have it on the end of the building instead. Doing this allows us to have a view out each side of the house to observe what's going on in the pasture. Also, since this is the north side of the house, fewer windows means less heat loss in the winter while the cold winds blow. Besides, there are only two houses past us on the road that runs by the north side, and then it turns into a class B road - basically a dead end. So not many people will look at the house from this angle, including us.

So all of that to say, we are really happy with what we see and how things are coming along. :)

1 comment:

Linds said...

I'm so excited, you'd think it was my home :)

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