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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hard Day on the Farm

Yesterday was a very hard day at our farm. We lost our herd bull.

New Year's Eve we called the vet since he was acting a bit weak. The vet didn't seem too concerned and thought it was foot problems. New Year's Day Hershey was looking worse so we had the vet come out. He gave him a couple of shots but wasn't that concerned still. Yesterday, however, Hershey couldn't even lift his head off of the ground.

Ethan and I went out and covered him with blankets, gave him a good rub down to try and get his circulation going, and then made a tarp tent over him with a heater inside. We kept watch over him all day long. I would often go out and pet him over his "sweet spots". I felt so bad for the big guy. He was a great bull.

Losing him is a big loss to our farm. We looked quite a while for the right bull since the bull will end up representing 50% of your herd's genetics. Not only that but he had a great disposition. He loved to be rubbed and would follow you around for treats and scratches. He was just like a big puppy. I felt about as safe around him as you can feel with a bull.

But such is life on the farm. I guess now we will start searching and saving for a new bull. You can go without one less cow, but you can't have a herd without a bull.


Lisa said...

Oh no!! What a way to start the year!

What does the vet say now?!?

Mona said...

Sorry to hear about the bull.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Becca, that is so tragic, sorry to hear!! Hang in there, hopefully you'll have some nice calves out of him to carry on his legacy.

Cathy said...

I'm sorry to hear that - especially sad when you have an animal you were so attached to. Did you figure out what was wrong with him?


andrea said...

so sorry to hear that
I hope you get some great babies from him in the spring at the very least - perhaps a successor will be born?
2009 has not been a great start for us yet either - here's hoping it turns around soon!

Anonymous said...

I am new to farming. Tell me: What, if anything, did you ultimately find out about what went wrong with your bull? Also, what did you end up doing with him? Did you eat him or bury him on your farm or did you have him hauled away? I don't mean to hurt your feelings. I am interested in how you handled him. Thanks, Gamine in VA

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