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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Construction News

I think it's about time for a house update, so here it is. :)

We haven't been able to work on the house as much as we had planned this winter due to a number of things, but we are still making progress. Right after Thanksgiving we finished laying the last 7ish feet of flooring in the kitchen and living room. It was nice to not have our Christmas tree on cement. We also finished laying the hallway, except for the edge by the wall. As you can see, the hallway makes a great bowling alley!

After the New Year, I was able to work on a bit more.
- I cleared the laundry room of construction stuff and it now has bars to hang clothes. I was getting tired of drying racks strewn all over the house and couldn't dry clothes fast enough to keep up with the laundry. (I don't use the dryer for clothes if I can help it.) Now I can keep the hampers under control and dry all of our clothes in the laundry room.

-Ethan finished wiring the laundry and bath outlets. No more extension cords running through the hall to the washing machine!

-I cleaned out and organized our mudroom so we can walk to the back. We now have a place for our indoor wood pile against a wall. It was just being dropped inside the door since the walls were all taken. I also insulated a section of the wall between the mudroom and the bathroom to keep pipes from freezing and so cold air couldn't come in under the tub, which made for a VERY cold bathroom. (The mudroom is insulated, but it is shut off from the house so it gets quite cold.)

-Ethan and I cleaned up and cleared up the shed attached to the house so two calves could stay in there this past week. (Yes, we now have cattle on the other side of our living room wall and behind a bedroom closet. It keeps things interesting.) To do this, we carried over a deep freeze and set it up in the mudroom which just happened to have been organized a few days before. (We needed to get the deep freeze over anyway since we will soon be filling it with pork.)

-I moved the mountain of boxes that were on the side wall of Isaac's room to the back wall of his room. We can now lay flooring 3/4 of the way into his room.

- Pictures and shelves have been hung up in the living room and kitchen.

And this weekend while Ethan was away again I put the globes on our light fixtures, rearranged boxes in the hall pantry and hung the last 3 closet doors for the pantry, and I hung curtains (just temporary until trim goes up).

We do still have a bit to do, but it's coming step by step.


Anonymous said...

Pretty floors . . . and I bet that will be a favorite place for the little ones to play. If I read this entry correctly, you are hanging doors? If so, good for you!

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

The kids do love playing in the hall way. It is a nice stretch without having to worry about decorations that could break.

I did hand the closet doors too, but the glides were already installed. All I had to do was fit them in.

Anonymous said...

hey, Missie, you are doing good even with the glides already put up. It is sometimes difficult getting the doors up and aligned.

Cathy said...

Wow. You really are quite the do-it-herself farmer's wife! I enjoy reading your posts. I hope your life settles down soon.

momanna98 said...

Hi. We just moved to the country in July. We are both city folk. :-) I am enjoying your blog.
I would be interested in seeing pics of your laundry room. I am having a hard time arranging mine to fit everything I want in there!

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

momanna98- I hope you will love living in the country as much as we do. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog too. :) I'll try to do a post on my laundry room sometime in the near future. Thanks for visiting!

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