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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Wood Pile

Things have been crazy around here lately. Actually, for a long time. We have had a hard start of the year farm wise, around Christmas Ethan was supporting the pastor and his family during his massive stroke, in November Isaac was born and we celebrated Hannah's birthday and Thanksgiving, in October we moved in and got busy unpacking, before we moved in we were in the craziness of construction and packing, before construction we were removing the old fence line, which brings me to spring when we bought the place.

All of that is to say that Ethan hasn't had much time to cut wood for our wood stove, which is our only source of heat. We have been extremely blessed, however, and have been able to keep warm. It seems like just when we are about to run out of wood Ethan has a half day that lines up just right to cut some more. We have also had people bring us out wood out of the blue just as we are about to run out.

Here is a picture of our wood pile now. At the beginning of the month we received over 5 truck loads of wood that 3 different people brought out for us. We have had some pretty cold days where I have been chucking wood into the stove as fast as I can, and yet we still have quite a pile.

When I look out the window and see the wood pile I am so thankful for community and hope that we can bless people like we have been blessed out here.


Lisa said...

God is good! Just found your blog and I am enjoying reading about your family and farm.

Lisa Q

Dana Derks said...

We also have a woodstove and I love the kind of heat you get from it. Its so warm and cozy. This summer we installed some baseboard heaters as backup as it can get down to -35 here in Canada in the winter.

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