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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What do you do when things have been tough around the farm? You take the first break you get and find something enjoyable about it.

Ethan has a been gone a lot lately with work, and when he is home it seems like there is usually something that pops up on the farm that needs immediate attention. Last night, however, was a pretty calm night around our place so we went sledding.

We have a great hill just outside our house, which is actually where two hills meet up forming a run down to the woods. The bottom 2/3 of it still have pretty high grasses, but the top had been mowed down so we were able to send the kids down the top 1/3. Next year, after the grasses have been grazed, we will have quite the run!

The kids had a blast and it was a reminder of one of the big reasons why we are even doing this - for the lifestyle we want for our family and the lessons our kids will learn through it.


Ashley said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

that must have been good for all of you . . . and the children in all of you.

Janice said...

I am a first time visitor and enjoyed your blog. My husband and I bought 9 acres in Utah and have fun hills for sledding but we haven't had enough snow to cover the desert bushes. It wouldn't be that fun sledding into a bush. That is a fun experience for you children. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, I came over from Quilted Simple

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

I love hills, sledding or not. I think they are just pretty. I hope you get a chance to go sledding though! Thanks for dropping by. :)

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