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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Across the Fence

Okay, so we took the fence down last spring, but here is our closest neighbor who is a family just about the same age as us. They moved into their place not too long after we bought ours so we are both newbies out here.

They seem like they will be great neighbors. The husband stops frequently to talk to Ethan if he is driving by and sees Ethan outside. They have around 7-9 acres, I believe, and are going to have some livestock as well.

When Ethan and I found out that they had just bought the property, however, we became a little jealous. If only we had know that it was for sale at the same time, we could have boughten it along with ours and would have had a house already built. But more importantly, we would have had the barn! (The truth is that we could never have afforded both properties.)

From talking to the husband though, Ethan feels our neighbor wishes he had more land. So here we are eying their barn and they are checking out our land. :) Funny how we work, huh? Oh well. At least we can both have what the realtors call borrowed views. It IS a pretty barn to look at that we didn't have to pay for.

Everything else aside, we are excited to get to know our new neighbors and excited about who will be across from us when we put up the new fence.


Anonymous said...

I have barn envy too. I would love to have a century old barn . . . but will never ever talk my husband into buying one.

Cathy said...

It is just the kind of barn I love too.

Amber said...

Love your blog. I am just getting started on mine...check it out!

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