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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chicken Woes - But There is Hope!

I took this picture a few weeks ago for a blog post. (I have had troubles getting motivated enough to do posts because of our slow internet.) This bowl holds 4 "real" eggs (farm fresh), and 4 "pretend" eggs (from the store). The contrast between them is preety clear, and the nutritional differences between them contrast just as clearly.

So why did I even bother with the store eggs? Well, do you remember the day our chicken coop blew away? Since then we are no longer getting eggs, and the day I took that picture was the day I used our last real egg.

I tried to encourage the ladies to return to laying in their nest boxes after their coop blew away. I set them up in a protected area beside their food and waterer. They looked at them a bit but that is it. They are adamant that we should not be eating their eggs. (You can read about our other difficulties with them here.)

But there is hope now. After weeks of not getting any eggs, Ethan came to the door today grinning. He was carrying a chicken egg. He had found it in a little nested out portion of grass beside the pig pen, which is where the chickens spend most of their days now. There was also another egg in that spot, but it was broken. We will take that as evidence, however, that they are still laying . . . and that they are still eating their eggs too.

So now we are going to be keeping an eye on this spot to see if we can snatch any more eggs. Shhhhh . . . don't tell the chickens!

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