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Friday, November 7, 2008

Settling In

Right now our house is functional, although there are still quite a few boxes laying around in piles. Part of the reason is that I am more concerned about obeying my lifting restriction through the last part of the pregnancy than I am the piles of boxes. Also, in order to put more boxes away, we need to do more construction (shelves and storage areas). And in order to do more construction, we have to put boxes away. What will probably end up happening is that we will just shuffle piles of boxes for awhile while we work.

Yesterday, however, we were able to permanently unpack one mountain of boxes in the bathroom. We were needing a cabinet for our bathroom to hold closet things, and we found one on Craig's list. It is exactly what I had wanted, and the family was kind enough to hold it for us for a couple of weeks until we could fit it in our schedule to pick it up. Even though we still have a little work to do in the bathroom, it is nice to walk in and see it without stacks of boxes.

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