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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Harvest Time

Yesterday Ethan spent the afternoon and evening at a church member's farm helping him with his harvest. Our friend has 20 acres of corn that he planted and harvests with equipment that some might consider antique. By helping pull and unload wagons, Ethan was able to cut the work time in half. And he was able to play with our tractor a bit!

After the kids were up from there naps, I decided to take them over to watch. As you can see, it was getting a bit dark when we arrived. (I should have known better than to trust YahooMaps to guide me through the sticks - it led me to a road that has been closed for quite some time adding an extra 30 minutes of driving.) Even so, the kids were able to watch the last wagon load be put into the corn crib.

It is nights like this that I am so thankful to be in the country. If we were still in town we probably would have been sitting inside, most likely with the TV on in the background. Instead, Ethan was able to help out a friend, the kids got to experience the harvest, and we were surrounded with the peacefulness of a quite counry evening.

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Andi D said...

Google maps is the only 'map man' in my life! LOl the other ones have betrayed me one too many times!

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