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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All Toasty Inside

Over the weekend my parents came down for a couple of days to help us get the final winterizing done on our house. Ethan and my dad put in quite a bit of work and got the mudroom insulated, the stove and stove pipe hooked up, and the storm door on. I was hoping to have these things done before the baby arrived, and I was relieved to make it through the weekend so that Ethan could help out.

Yesterday Ethan went down to the woods and brought back a wagon full of wood so we were able to fire up the stove. I had planned on doing some organizing in the house, but I couldn't help myself and laid in front of the stove for well over an hour enjoying the heat. Even though we had our electric heat going, which kept the temperature at a comfortable level, it is a different type of heat. Wood heat just seems to sink in straight to your bones.

As far as when the baby is coming, I am a bit overdue now compared to when Caleb and Hannah came. Compared to my due date though, I am fine. So now I am just relaxing and enjoying our warm house.


fullfreezer said...

Enjoy the rest while you can. All too soon you'll be running. When I was expecting my third child a friend warned me that I should never have more children than hands.... But I'm sure you'll have it all under control.
Good luck

Linds said...

Thinking of you while you wait! Little G was 8 days early, and Sweet Boo didn't arrive 'til 7 days after her due date...even with contractions for 6 weeks before hand. It was a difficult wait but so worth it, hope you will be able to rest and settle in while you wait!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Warmth to the bones... it's a good thing!!

We found some OAK this year... several big oak trees. Hooray!! that means stoking the fire less. The warmth is GREAT!

Your stove is beautiful!!

QuiltedSimple said...

No baby yet? Darn. Enjoy the rest and the warmth of your wood burner. Jessie was 14 days early, Tyler was 6 (and I was so miserable at the end with him, it defies words). Keep us posted!

creativematt said...

I've seen steam kettle's that are made to sit on top of your stove to humidify your home... They looked pretty snazzy, but I bet any kettle would do

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