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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chopping Wood

Our wood supply is pretty small since getting a wood pile built up was low on our list this fall. (We knew we could buy some if needed this year.)

Today, however, Ethan had some time to chop wood. As I watched, I realized that watching Ethan chop wood is something I really like to do.

Not because I'm not the one chopping it though. In all honesty, I was itching to go start stacking it as he was chopping. Until our baby is born and I've had some time to recover, however, I'm on orders to take it easy.

So the reason I enjoy watching Ethan chop wood . . . It's manly. Not only does it show off strength, but it also is a picture of how he provides for our family.

Right now I am pretty helpless as far as work goes. I stay at home with the kids, which I feel is a very important job, but it doesn't provide much income for us. Also, right now I shouldn't even carry a load of wet laundry out by myself to hang up to dry. Ethan has been putting in a lot of extras to help keep things running around here during a very full time in our lives as it is.

So thank you, Ethan, for chopping our wood. :)


troutbirder said...

Enjoyed looking at your posts. We alternate between Asian beetles here and adult corn rootworm beetles depending on what is planted in the field next to our house. Yuk!!!

Tim said...

I agree, Ethan is very manly. :)

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