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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Elusive Egg

Ethan and I continue to be in search of our elusive chicken eggs. They show up just long enough to get us excited, and then they vanish again as suddenly as they showed up. It's almost like a game.

Saturday morning Ethan found the stolen nest, and we thought we would be getting some eggs again.

But then IT happened. We weren't counting on IT to happen for a while yet. I guess that's one thing that happens when you don't have a TV set up due to no reception and when you don't check the news on the computer because of slow internet. IT will take you by surprise, and IT did. IT has thrown a loop in a few things around our farm actually.

So Saturday morning Ethan located the nested out grass where the eggs were being laid, but Saturday afternoon that spot began ro slowly disappear. By Sunday morning it was covered with around 5 inches of snow.

We weren't the only ones surprised by this white blanket though. Here is our little red hen, named Henny Penny by Caleb - just like the other red hens are named, looking for that spot of grass as well. Obviously she didn't find it, and our search continues for the elusive eggs.

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Cathy said...

We don't have TV either, but we do have high speed internet and get the news that way. That would be hard to blog without high speed internet.

Those chickens are just in a bad habit! We've found we have to lock them in with their nest boxes for a number of days to fix the habit, before we allow them to free range again. Do they have enough light as well? Maybe they just aren't laying. We have two full spectrum lights in their chicken pen that come on morning and afternoon - for a total of 15 or 16 hours of light. The morning light starts at 2:30, since that morning light is the most important light. But, in order to do that, we lock them in at night and open up the pen in the morning - otherwise they'd be wandering around in the dark of morning.

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

These hens have had the bad habit since we got them. (You can find more of the saga under the livestock link on the right.) As of now, they really don't have an ideal house, or any . . . but we are working on that. We will probably just get a new batch of hens in the spring, but these just give us something to do and experiment with. As if we don't have enough things to do!

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