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Monday, December 8, 2008

Do You See Them?

Do you see them?

How about now?


This mower has been the chickens' house ever since their coop blew away. It has kept them out of the elements, but we couldn't let them stay there permanently. What if it drifted over? (By the way, Ethan has peeked under for eggs but never found any.)

So last week Ethan salvaged the materials out of the ditch from the old coop, and he is working on piecing together a new coop. Although we might want something different in the spring that will house more hens, this coop will be a bit more suitable for winter than the mower would be. Just a few more finishing touches (and a trip to Walmart to get some staples), and their new home should be done.

Maybe they will thank us with some eggs . . .

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