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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ethan and I received the great news yesterday that our house sold!

I have been praying for timing in our construction and house sale, and this seems like the perfect timing. Our builder is practically done now, and our construction loan will be closing on Tuesday. (More on that then.)

The closing date for the house is scheduled for September 26th. We should have enough time to make the house livable before we move in (I had told Ethan all I wanted before we moved over there was a bathroom), and we will be able to be "moved in" a good month before the baby's due date.

Here's a picture when we first moved here. I realize that we will be living in a construction zone and out of boxes, but I would rather do that then have the actual move with a baby. Caleb was 5 weeks old when we moved here, and that was not enjoyable. I bet you couldn't have guessed by how relaxed our faces look in the picture (said sarcastically!)

The story on how the house sold is a great story. We have gone 4 weeks without any interest in the house. This past week was the National Sprint Car races here, and there are thousands who invade our town of 9000. One of the couples from our church was out for coffee at the local restaurant and "happened" to be sitting next to someone who had come from Washington State for the races. They have a snow removal business there removing snow from private drives in the mountains during the winter. They were talking about how much they spend coming to the races in the summer and how great it would be to have an acre property to stay here in the summer, with or without buildings since they could build.

Well, the couple from my church heard what they were talking about, and they told them they really needed to check out our place. The couple from Washington mentioned that they should really sell another property they own first before buying here but called a realtor to check it out anyway.

Well, to make a long story short, they came and looked at it and after giving 4 offers and receiving 4 counters offers a price was agreed on. The papers are signed now, and a closing date is set!

So this next 5-6 weeks we will packing up and getting the bathroom functioning, along with doing other construction too. If all goes as planned, we will be on the farm September 26.


Tim said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations!

QuiltedSimple said...

All right - and it's always easier to finish something when you are actually living there...that is great news!

Steven said...

That's great! I hope all goes well in the move, and that you're somewhat settled in before the baby decides to come.

Amanda said...

Good for you! God IS in the details, isnt He?

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