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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pounding Nails

My dad has taken the week off this week so we are blessed with his expertise and are starting our own construction inside. The camper is also being put to good use now too. :)

We spent close to 4 hours at Menards on Sunday getting materials, and yesterday the pounding and sawing began! Although the electricity is still not in (it was "supposed to be" Friday, but did get started yesterday), we are moving ahead with muscles and a chainsaw.

Ethan and my dad will do the heavy work (my cousin Tim came down last night too - thanks Tim!), and my mom and I will feed them, do any light work, and start packing the house. (It is actually quite hard for me to sit back and watch the construction work since I would usually be jumping right in if I wasn't expecting, but after a few nights with a sore back I have learned that I need to set some boundaries.) The kids will be tagging along with their toy tools too.

I probably won't type much this week, but I will most likely keep a photo journal of our progress for us to look back on. Feel free to shoot any questions out if any arise from the pictures, and I will see if I can carve out some time to answer them.

1 comment:

Nance said...

you said "my mom and I will feed them".

In our family, my Dad built houses and my Mother was the "gofer". She was the "go for this", the "go for that". She was there to feed him the board he needed next; she handed him the drill, or the circular saw. Whatever he needed, she knew before he did.

My mother was a very good "gofer". I bet you and your mother are too!

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