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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camper Curtains are Done

Last night I finished the last of my 14 lined camper curtains. They cost less than $7 to make. I found the deep green fabric for $1 a yard and had to buy some thread, but the lining was used from old thin flannel sheets that had been laying around.

If you ever make curtains, I highly suggest lining them. After I worked through my first lined curtain a few years ago, I was surprised at how quickly they go together. It almost takes the same amount of time since you don't have as many rolled and hemmed edges. They keep the light out better, and the lining also prevents your fabric from sun bleaching. (You can use lots of things for lining - muslin works well too.)

I considered posting a photo tutorial on lined curtains, but things are so crazy now I'm just going to link you to this site where I learned how to make them. (The curtains in these instructions use curtain tape for rod hooks, but I just used two seems to slip the rod through and have ruffles at the top.) I do plan on making some more lined curtains for our house once we are settled in, so maybe I'll get to a photo tutorial then.

As for the camper, it is now ready to sleep in at the farm, either ourselves or our helpers. The cushions I recovered are done and curtains are up. You can also see the new flooring that we put down. It was less than $20 - just stick down tile that was on sale at Menards.

Although the camper was quite disgusting when we first bought it, I am quite happy now with how it turned out. It's still not perfect, but it looks really nice with just a little money and some hard work invested into it.

Here's a taste of the before. This is one of the old cushions. We ripped out old carpet, threw out the old curtains, and replaced a few boards too, along with a good disinfecting and scrubbing. Think 40 years old, a bachelor's house for a year, and a hunting camper afterwards.

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Tools of My Trade
Shock Wave was the chemical that the mold remediation service referred us to when we were battling mold in the house we were living in. We were told it is what is used to clean hospital rooms that have had hazardous organisms, and that is is EPA safe. This is what we used to clean our camper and cushions, and we were very pleased with the fresh smell of the previously musty smelling camper.


QuiltedSimple said...

That looks really nice in there - so light inside compared to when you first brought it. Now you just need a camping trip out at the farm to christen it (and a kid or 2 with chocolatey fingers - hehe).

Anonymous said...

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