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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 11 of Construction

Since today was a detail day with construction, you might want to click on the pictures to see the detail a bit closer.

The final trim work, ridge vent, and slider are all that is really left for our builder now.

From this first picture, you can see the soffit is now in place under the roof overhang. The soffit is complete all around the house. They also got the trim in place on one of the corners. It looks really sharp, and up close it looks like a white column.

They also got started on the detail work of the porch. The red siding is halfway across the porch overhang, and some of the trim is started along side it. I think this really sets off the porch. You can see the difference from yesterday's picture.

Yesterday the builder thought they would be completed on Wednesday, so hopefully tomorrow we will see every last bit of trim on and will be able to start locking things up inside. Ethan ran into someone driving their 4 wheeler around the house last week when he went out, and tonight I saw more fresh 4 wheeler tracks. I will feel better when we can put some of our things behind lock and key.


QuiltedSimple said...

It looks really good - love the red. Hope you don't continue to have trouble with people being "nosy".

Tim said...

Ethan's muzzleloader should help scare off any sightseers! :)

Linds said...

Wow! That's great!

You've been tagged and you can check my blog for details.

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