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Monday, August 25, 2008

Another day at Menards

We haven't worked much at the farm since Friday. Saturday and Sunday we pretty much collapsed. Ethan did run out on Saturday with a new load of feed for the hogs. I rode along and took the opportunity to pull some more wire for about 30 minutes. Other than sleep, that's about it - besides doing some packing up of the house and Ethan writing the sermon for Sunday morning.

Now that we are semi-rested, we are ready for more. Today we got a lot accomplished, although if you peeked in the house you wouldn't know it. We started the morning with a scheduled baby appointment and spent the rest of the day in Des Moines spending money.

Our wood burning stove and all the stove pipe are now purchased. We felt that needed to get done ASAP since prices have gone up 15% since we started building, and they are continuing to rise. We also spent another 3 1/2 -4 hours at Menards getting materials. It's amazing how much time it can take to pick out faucets and bathtubs! (By the way, all materials are rising. The flooring we got in Feb was $1.28/ sq ft at regular price and now it is over $1.50/ sq ft. Thankfully we got it on sale for $0.99/ sq ft! )

With our shopping done (this round at least) we are now ready for the plumber to finish his work and for the Amish to install the stove pipe. (The chimney store was quite unsure of how it would work to run stove pipe through a steel roof without water leaking through the roof. Thankfully we know Amish who live in steel buildings too and of course use wood stoves for heat!)

With more materials boughten, we are also ready to continue our projects. We won't be working full days like last week since Ethan needs to take care of his office work, but we will spend a bit of time out there when the desk job is done for the day.

By the way, the countdown really begins. It is now exactly one month until we have to be out of our house!

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