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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great Egg Hunt Continues . . .

Last fall we acquired some chickens from Ethan's Uncle. We have had quite the time with them. If you haven't had a chance to follow along, you can backtrack starting here.

Well, the ups and downs of farm fresh eggs continue. This time we are on a up. Ethan finally was able to get a make shift coop put together a month or so ago. Not too long after we got it set up, he found an egg in it! One problem though . . . it was frozen.

So I got a little hopeful and put a milk crate nest box in their pen. A few days later we found another egg in there - on the ground. No problem though. It was an egg.

Well, that was the last egg that we have seen in weeks, until my parents came. While Ethan and I were at class my mom went to take some garbage to the road for us for trash day. Ethan has a little livestock trailer that we have loaded up with garbage sacks of construction garbage - we feed the garbage truck from this. Well, when my mom went to pull out some bags she found a chicken in the trailer too. And and egg!

We have been checking this spot and the barred rock's twine nest now. It's a keeper for her so far. We have gotten 1/2 dozen eggs from this spot.

So with the longer days, a stolen nest that was found, and hopefully a new chicken coop to come in the spring, we will maybe have "real" eggs again!

1 comment:

Nance said...

I hope to raise chickens and eggs sometime in the near future and enjoyed this post! I like your egg basket too. May you find many more eggs!

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