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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home Made Wood Bag

In our mudroom we have an indoor woodpile. We use this wood to feed our fire, and then we replenish it so we have dry wood in case it rains. Our wood stove is in the middle of the house, and to get to the mudroom you have to walk around the corner and down the hallway. To fill the stove completely, it takes about 3-4 trips down the hallway, and carrying the wood through the house was making quite a mess.

A few weeks ago I got tired of the mess, and I know Ethan was getting tired of the trips. (He usually brought me the wood, and I built the fire.) I decided to make a wood bag, and it works out quite nicely. It holds enough wood to fill the stove in one trip and keeps wood dirt from being tracked through the house. If we are ambitious enough, we fill it a second time and have it sitting beside the stove ready to feed the fire.

I didn't take pictures of it when I was making it since I barely had enough time to throw it together, but I drew up a rough sketch of what I did.

I used a heavy duck cloth from Walmart (It was 75 % off since they were clearing out their fabric.) and cut out 5 pieces - the handles aren't shown in my drawing.

The base is a long rectangle, wide enough to hold the length of wood our stove holds. The sides are trapazoids, with the base wider than the top. This helps prevents the stack from tipping when the bag is set down. The sides are 9 inches high, making the bag tall enough to hold a stove load of wood. Then I just wrapped the rectangle around the sides, leaving the top open. I attached the handles, and it was done.

It works out great, and I wish I had made it earlier in the season!

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More than Survival said...

Brilliant!!!! GREAT idea!!!!
The GATES around your stove bring back memories of a few years ago when we had to do the same.... now all of the kids are old enough....


McKrola Family said...

Looks like a great bag! Good job! I so want to build your house! :-)

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