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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disposable Diaper Tip

If any of you have ever had a newborn in disposable diapers, particularly generic disposable diapers, you have probably experienced what I call a blowout. You know, when the diaper acts more like a chute than a diaper and your baby ends up with a dirty mess covering his or her back. This phenomenon can also happen with older babies too, especially when they are sick.

There are a few ways to avoid this. One is to use cloth diapers with a good cover. Blowouts rarely happen with my babies when they are in cloth. Another is to buy the expensive diapers - the ones that are super stretchy on the top and can get a snug fit. Even though we buy generic, I have received quite a few of the better brands as gifts and have seen blowouts in them as well.

One of the times that I had some expensive diapers cycling through my house, however, I got an idea. These diapers had a little "poo pocket" at the top. it was a little flap that stopped blowouts. So I tried it with my generic diapers, and it works pretty well.

Here's what you do: The first diaper in the photo shows a generic diaper. All you have to do is fold down a bit of the back before you put it on the baby, as shown in the second picture. I'll admit, it doesn't work every time, but it works more than not having it so I'll take it.

Better yet though . . . cloth diapers! :)

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