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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Hens

Now that we are living at the farm, our hens get to roam free. We had them in a movable pen, which got moved daily (when we weren't wrapped up with construction). They still use that pen, but now we just open the door and let them hop out in the morning and lock them back up in the evening.

It is amazing how tame these ladies became while they were in that pen though. Our hens originally came from Ethan's uncle and were not too fond of people.

Now, however, as they enjoy wandering around the farm, they can often be found just outside of our door. (Maybe this is due to me considering a chicken part of the farm garbage disposal, as long as the scraps aren't poultry products of course - to prevent disease not cannibalism.) They have also came right up to my 2 yr old daughter a few times, probably looking for handouts. (For those of you who know how cautious Hannah is, she did look a bit concerned but managed to go about with what she was doing.)

We are really enjoying having our chickens where we live again. It is nice being able to rescue their eggs and fun to look out the window and see what they are up to. It is also nice to see the hens are content and happy. I'm not a big PETA fan or environmentalist, but I do appreciate seeing creation in its more natural state. To me, there is just something peaceful about it.

1 comment:

Tim said...

Not to mention, those fresh eggs are YUM YUM YUM!

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