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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enjoying the Farm

Tonight was really our first chance to enjoy the farm as a family since we have moved here. We have had lots of rain, mud, and cold weather, along with some colds, that have kept us inside. But tonight the weather was great, the kids are feeling better, and everyone was finally home at the same time too.

Ethan took the kids out to help with chores while our supper of mashed potatoes, veggies, and ham was cooking. I snuck out as soon as I could to follow along and take some pictures.

After the animals were fed, we had a little extra time before supper yet so Ethan hooked up the hay rack and took the kids and myself for a hayride.

It was nice to be able to see the property for the first time with large portions of the prairie grass down. (I haven't had the chance or felt like walking around since the hay was cut.) The kids also had a lot of fun riding behind the tractor and going down to the woods.

Although we still have lots of work to do in the house and around the yard, I'm glad we are able to take little breaks to just enjoy being here.

(Even though this last picture is blurry I still like it with our house ahead, the bale of hay, and the transition between the cut and uncut grasses.)


Linds said...

How fun! Looks beautiful!

Tracy said...

You know, it seems like farm work and home improvement are never quite done. I keep waiting for that time when it is "finished" so I can stop and smell the roses. I'm glad to see you put it all down for a bit to appreciate the beauty of your new life. Its so important to appreciate it along the way.

Anonymous said...

looks like u guys had fun, now you need to ask ur hubby to check on getting ROP "roll over protection" on that tractor it could save his life.

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