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Friday, October 3, 2008

Good Food, Good Friends

When we first got the news that our closing date had changed, and then we decided that we wouldn't move but use the extra time to finish up some projects at the new house, I was a bit overwhelmed.

If that news had come a week or two earlier, I would have been pretty excited about it. But it came less than 36 hours before we had planned on moving - and I had the house packed and ready to go.

So the first thought that came to me was that if we weren't moving, I was going to have to unpack to live in town longer and then repack things up again. And I was exhausted. And I had JUST been put on a 20 lb lifting limit with my pregnancy since I had been overdoing it a bit and was pulling muscles. (I was trying to get the house packed in time by myself since our closing date was soon approaching. Grrr . . . )

On Friday, which was supposed to be our moving day, I took the kids to the activity day group that we attend. We just started going last year, and I have been enjoying getting to know everyone. So on Friday, I was still pretty frazzled about the whole thought of not moving yet. (At that point we didn't know when the new closing date would be so we didn't really have any plans made as for when we might now move. We have since found out it is the 14th of October - we are going to move trip by trip starting Monday I think.) I mentioned to some of my friends our situation since they had heard that particular day was supposed to be our moving day.

Once I mentioned that I just planned on eating a lot of fast food for the next few weeks to keep from unpacking the majority of the kitchen, one of them came up with a different plan. She sent out an e-mail requesting meals for us. And this whole week we have been blessed with just that - casseroles, calzones, homemade breads, homemade jam, fruit, vegetables, desserts . . .

With all of the yummy meals we have received, it looks like I won't have to unpack our kitchen until we unpack it for good in the new house. What a blessing!

(By the way, this is the youth center fridge next door in case you were wondering.)

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