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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ethan Hits the Air

Last week someone came out to do some recording for Weekend America, a radio program on National Public Radio, for their Conversations With America series. They interviewed Ethan about what we are up to.

Although we don't get the program in Iowa, we were able to check it out here where you can read it or download the audio - which includes some extra sound bytes. The link to download the audio is above the picture.

Also, there is a little slide show under Ethan's picture. When I say little, I mean little! It has two pictures, but one of them is of our bull who is a little too much like a teddy bear and will back you into a corner to get a good scratch.

Hope you enjoy. :)

1 comment:

fullfreezer said...

Congratulations on your story making it to the airwaves. I've been following you both since the Register article. It's good to see that you are settling in and living your dream. Good luck. J

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