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Monday, June 16, 2008

A Little (or long) Update on Our Happenings

Wow. Three days of posts in a row. Maybe even more. :) I realize that my blog posting is very random. It kind of goes with the randomness of our schedule and life I guess. (Just a plug, if you want to make reading my blog easier, you can sign up on the side to receive my new posts by e-mail. I can guarantee that my posting won't get predictable any time soon!)

The weekend before last Ethan helped head up a city wide music festival that was tied in with a missions group that came through. He worked with a couple other youth leaders to do this, and it turned out to be a great event.

Last week we had Vacation Bible School at our church, immediately following the weekend's music festival. Both Ethan and I helped out with the VBS. Ethan actually coordinated it too. Our house kind of turned into a home base where we would dump our stuff and sleep. I also spent the week hauling laundry back and forth between our house and the pastor's house. Although we were given a $5 washer from an auction, it needed to be repaired. Our pastor and his wife were kind enough to let us use theirs so I wouldn't have to go to the laundry mat again.

Our Saturday was also full with a farm auction in the morning (we got a chainsaw and hay rack!), and then Ethan had to help with a wedding in the evening. Ethan also fixed our washer. More on that another day . . .

Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then Ethan took a leisurely Sunday drive to pick up our hay rack when the kids were napping. We celebrated Father's Day by taking the hay rack to the farm. We also took with us a camping stove, hot dogs and hamburgers, and a little picnic table that was given to the kids. It was a very enjoyable, and relaxing, evening.Today, Ethan and a friend from church moved the fridge to take the old washer out and put the new washer in. For the rest of his day off, he went to his dad's to work on farm things and a livestock trailer that needs a new axle. I decided that I would spend the day STARTING to tackle getting the house back in order after our stretch of dumping and running.

I was encouraged along in this by a phone call from the realty company at about 10:00. They had someone that wanted to see the house at 5:30. I had to get our messy house not only picked up but polished. Since Ethan was gone, I also needed to pick up the yard, clean the youth center side of our house, and keep the kids content. Thanks to 2 Baby Einstein videos (I rarely do this!), I was able to get it all done by 5:05. It was a good thing too, because the family who wanted to see the house was 20 minutes early!

So there is our mostly non farm side of life. For the farm side:

Last week I wrote a check out for the rural water company to get started on our hookup. I found out that the line they have to come off of is in a farmer's field, and we may have to pay crop damages. It appears that the farmer hasn't planted yet, so maybe we will sneak past that one.

Last week I also contacted our electrician and the electric company. Ethan went out to the farm to meet with the electric company, however, they never showed up. It worked out great though because the water company was driving by to scope things out. Ethan talked with them about putting a hydrant in, and they marked the meter spot. We picked up a hydrant at the farm store so now we are ready for their call when they are ready.

We continued to try to meet with the electric company, but they had to take care of other things each day due to flooding in the area. Totally understandable. We'll keep trying this week.

I called our construction loan lender to talk about how that was progressing. Hopefully the loan should be ready for a closing date this week!

Today I contacted the septic contractor. Still waiting to hear back . . .

I was going to call the quarry about the drive, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Too much cleaning today.

Also on the schedule this week is getting our camper finished off. It seems like things are really going to be rolling out there soon, and we want to have the camper ready to go.

So there you go. That's a little of what has been going on here. Although there is more, I don't want to bore you any longer. I feel like sometimes I can put a couple posts on a day, but those are the days that I don't have time to post anything. :) When things get rolling on the farm, I might just have to post photos of it all. I don't want to miss recording the exciting part for our family to look back on, but I also don't want to spend time on the computer when I should be doing other things . . . umm . . . like right now! :)


QuiltedSimple said...

You guys are certainly busy - but just think, it will all be worth it in the end!! Enjoy the process (and don't tear your hair out too much!!)

Anonymous said...

What a plentiful life you have there Becca:) It's filled with the family and that is the best part though:) The farm is coming together. One day at a will see the finished product and be so happy with it.
It was nice of your Pastor to let you use the washer. It certainly helps to have a supportive church family:) Blessings

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks for your encouragement!

While things are a bit crazy around here, I definitely feel blessed and not overwhelmed. The things we are running around with are things that are exciting and fruitful.

I know not every season of life is like this (exciting and fruitful amidst the craziness), but I am thankful that this one is, even if there isn't much time to kick up our feet. :)

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