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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pasture Berries

When we were at the farm last month clearing fence, I would walk diagonally across the pasture to go check on how my mom and the kids were doing. While I was doing this, I noticed that there were berry plants that had been planted by birds right in the middle of the pasture - and quite a few of them.

I know that there are blackberry and raspberry plants by the woods, but I was excited to see these in the middle of the pasture since the middle of the pasture is free of poison ivy. I haven't seen poison ivy by the woods yet, but I can count on it being in there since poison ivy likes shade and was definitely in the fence line!

With all of the water and the warmth this spring, these pasture berry plants are doing great! I checked on them last week, and they are just loaded with little berries that are starting to form. I'm guessing they are raspberries, but they could be black berries too. It's hard for me to to tell without the old canes - these are all new ones.

I will keep checking on them either way, and keep dreaming about freezing, preserving, and eating them! This will probably be the only year for pasture berries far from poison ivy. Once we get the cows in the pasture and the hay making going, I will have to count on going down to the woods or starting a patch by the house. (Which I will most likely still do both of this year too!)


mclain458 said...

You ought to wait till September or so and transplant the bushes up by your house. Then you can enjoy these little treats next year too!

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

We actually saved some woven wire fence from the fence line we tore out. We are planning on making some lengths of berry patches and make grapes by the house (and maybe using the woven wire to train them), but I wasn't sure when the best time of year would be to do it. September would be great timing - hopefully the building project and livestock set up will have slowed down by then.

I was just by the edge of the woods last night to check out the berries, but I turned around because I got to poison ivy before I got to any berries. Hopefully once the cows have grazed by the woods a bit, the poison ivy will be competed out. I might just have to rely on berries by the house though.

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