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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swine of Mine

As of today, we now have hogs on our farm. We have 8 feeder pigs, one sow, and one boar.

I am quite excited to finally have these on the farm. We have been having quite the time getting our garden ready due to the really wet spring. Until we get our perimeter fence up, these pigs will be residing over half of the garden. I'm counting on them doing the final garden prep work!

We most likely won't use this section of the garden this year, but it will be nice and worked up (and fertilized) for next spring. As for this year, we will just be putting the basics for preserving in the other half of the garden. I'll try to post more on that later . . .

Even though the pigs should be very beneficial for our garden, it isn't the reason that we bought them. They will be going out on pasture and in the woods as soon as we get electric fencing around the property. We will be keeping the sow and boar for breeding, and the piglets will be sold for meat when they reach market weight.

This first batch of feeder pigs will be ready in the fall. We will be selling them by the whole or half. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for pork, just let us know. (We also have a waiting list growing for pastured beef, but we will probably not have any available until fall 2009.)

1 comment:

Cathy said...

That seems like a great idea to have them ready the garden soil. Are you planning on having some do that each year? Are the pigs profitable after the feed costs? I don't like to eat pork myself, but pigs are so cute.

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