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Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweet Potatoes :: Week 2

If you started your sweet potatoes last week, you might be wondering if things are working. The water probably is starting to look a little gross, and it has probably evaporated a bit. Other than that, you might not see a whole lot of changes.

Don't throw them out though!

Take a closer look at the bottom of mine. Do you see? Not the that they are wet, but something else . . .

Here's another picture closer up. Now do you see? Yup. That little white hair. They are starting to shoot out their roots.

If you don't see any on yours yet, give them a bit more time. I wouldn't regularly pull them out though. You don't want to break those little guys off.

For this week, all that I will do is gently drain some of that gross water and refill it to the line with fresh water.

Click this link to see week 1.


Anonymous said...

Our's are coming along great here. We change the water in ours twice a week just to keep it from getting gross. Can't wait till it's time to put them in pots.

Linds said...

I started mine a few days ago! I'm excited to see them grown.

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks for updating me on yours!

Sea2shore- You'll have to let me know if changing the water more often seems to be helping them progress faster than mine. With all of the stuff we have going on now, my sweet potatoes are going to be overlooked often I'm sure! Good thing they aren't that high maintenance.

Anonymous said...

I posted an update on ours at the blog with some photo's. It does seem to help them along. I just had a hard time with the cloudy water. It just didn't look right to me. This is my first time growing them.

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Wow! Your sweet potatoes are doing great! I wonder if it is due to the water or other variables too, because they are quite a bit further along than mine!!

Here are my thoughts:
1) The water makes a difference
2) Different variety from different stores
3) Warmer - our house is kept at 66
4) Sunlight - we don't have any sunny windows to put plants in. They are all shaded day around.

Whatever it is . . . they are doing great! Let me know when the vines they shoot out are 6 inches long, and I'll give you the next step if you need it since I think they will beat mine to that point!

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