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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Menu

I had a request for an example menu for a week, but since I do my menus for the month, I thought I might as well show our menu for four weeks.

Breakfast is pretty much the same - the kids and Ethan have oatmeal, and I have eggs or generic cheerios (I'm still trying to acquire my taste for oatmeal.) For lunch we either have leftovers from the previous day, individual freezer meals (homemade from extra leftovers), or a sandwich. So supper is the most exciting meal around our house.

When I plan our menu, I try to stick to the night's theme and also try to keep a variety of meats throughout the week. Here are the themes:

Sunday (lunch)- soup or crock pot meal (supper is leftovers)
Monday- rice night
Tuesday - breakfast night
Wednesday - noodle night
Thursday - home style night
Friday - pizza or grilling night
Saturday - something quick so I can prepare Sunday's crock pot meal

Now that you have my themes, here is a four week menu that I used in September. I will just list the main dish, but if you download the recipes from my previous post, you can see what sides I usually make with each entree.

Week 1:
S- Cheesy Potato Soup
M- Chicken and Rice
T- Pancakes
W- Spaghetti
Th- Baked Ham
F- Pizza
S- Turkey Salad Sandwich

S- Lasagna Soup
M- Enchilada Bake
T- Oven Omelet
W- Goulash
Th- Chicken and Potato Casserole
F- Grilled Hamburgers
S- Pizza Pasta

Week 3:
S- Chicken and Dumpling Soup
M- Tacos
T- Waffles
W- Spaghetti Bake
Th- Homemade Ham and Noodles
F- Pizza Pockets
S- Pot Roast

Week 4:
S- Chili
M- Beef Stir Fry
T- French Toast
W- Turkey and Noodle Casserole
Th- Meatloaf
F- Grilled Pork Chops
S- BBQ Beef

We stick pretty close to our menu for planning and shopping purposes, but there is rarely a month that goes by that doesn't have some things crossed out or switched around. It is nice to have a framework to work off of though, and it helps with planning our food budget.


sugarcreekfarm said...

Thanks for sharing this, and your recipes as well! I like your themes. We usually have pizza on Friday nights, but that's about the only weekly theme I do. I can see where themes would make planning a lot easier.

Anthony said...

How do you keep super lean hamburger from disintegrating on the grill? We buy lean burger for the health benefits but adding an egg to the burger to keep it from falling apart seems to defeat the purpose. Any suggestions? Thanks. Love Ethan's podcast by the way, keep up the good work.

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

When we cook our hamburger we make sure it is fully defrosted. Also, as low and slow as you can cook it is best. Too high and it will dry out - possibly causing the disintegrating. It might just be the particular composition of your meat. Maybe someone else has some other ideas . . . .

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