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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Clutter Challenge

Back in October, I present a challenge for you. You can read more about it here.

For the short version: My theory is that it is not the number of people that are in a family that determines the size of a house needed, but it is the amount of stuff owned that causes people to think they need more living space. So my challenge was to get rid of stuff, and I gave some pointers on how to get started.

Since I do this at least once a year, I didn't think that I would come up with that much. Boy was I surprised. I didn't even have much time to dig through as many boxes, drawers, cupboards, or closets as I was hoping to. I still ended up with a lot of things that are going to leave our house.

Here is the final picture of what I gathered. Everything you see - the boxes, bags, and furniture - is going. Also to be added are a couple boxes of electronic items that my husband wants to sell. I have 3 categories of items that are going out - things to give (These will go to Goodwill, freecycle, or back to the original owner), things to sell (We just do e-bay. Garage sale type things just get given away), and things to throw away (Not regular garbage and trash, but things we were holding on to that aren't worth selling or fit to give away.)

Since it is our hope to move out to the country in the near future, I think that I am going to keep this going continuously rather than having sporadic rampages through the house. I will just keep three boxes in the basement labeled Give, Sell, and Throw and will empty them as they fill. As much as I found on this declutter round, I am sure that there is more that will continue to surface.

Now the trick is getting this stuff out of the door and preventing more from coming in!

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Walter Jeffries said...

My wife enjoys this site and discussion list for tips on clutter: Fly Lady. There's no cost - take and give what you need and fits.

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