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Monday, January 21, 2008

My Recipe Box

Here is my recipe box, at least most of it. These are links to almost all of my recipes that I use. I have typed them out in Word, and hopefully you should be able to download them by clicking on each link and then the "Click here to download" button near the bottom of the page. (Let me know if you have problems.) When I print these off, I print them on card stock. Then I use my handy-dandy paper slicer to cut them into recipe card size then into my recipe box they go.

I like to group my recipes by meat since I try to plan my menus using a variety of meats throughout the week. For each grouping, there is an index card that lists the various recipes in that group, and it also has ideas of what to serve along with a particular dish. Here are my categories and the links:

Beef Recipes

Pork Recipes

Poultry Recipes

Fish Recipes

Misc. Recipes

Side Dishses

Sauces and Seasonings

Bread Recipes

Breakfast Recipes


Here is my disclaimer: I may have typos in some of these recipes, and some of them may need some tweaking or have had tweaking that I haven't recorded yet. So if you see something that doesn't sound quite right, like 1/2 cup of salt in waffles (instead of 1/2 tsp - a typo I did have which I think I fixed!), it might be a typo. If you find a typo or improve on a recipe, I would love to know about it so I can make corrections on my recipes and improve on them as well.

Also, you may notice that some of my categories are a little bare. My husband and I worked at a boarding school at the beginning of our marriage where all of our meals were cooked for us. It was great not having to prepare meals, but I didn't really have much for recipes. I am still trying to expand on our recipe box, and there are some areas where I definitely need ideas!

Here are some things on my recipe wish list:
recipes to add to my bare categories
economical recipes from scratch
heart healthy recipes

If you have any you would like to share, I would love to have them.

Like I said, these links account for most of my recipes. There are many cookie recipes, my newer main dish recipes, and premix cheats that I use (cream of _____ soup, jiffy mix corn bread, etc.) that I haven't typed up yet but hope to get done and add to my blog. Also, if I get a lot of great recipes, I will try to do a follow up post in a couple of months with even more printable recipe cards.

Still to come by request . . . a sample of my menu planning


Niki said...

Pretty amazing to see that all figured out. I'm curious about your recipes. Did you just design a template, or did you find that somewhere?

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Niki. :) I figure that it takes about an hour a week to enter in receipts and do our budgeting bookwork, but it is definitely time well spent when the year comes to a close.

I did design my recipe template. I just found a picture I liked and shrunk it to fit the corner, then I made a text box the size of a recipe card. When I finally got the first recipe to look right, I just duplicated it and changed the info.

Hope all is great for you. You really missed out on the snow and ice this year!

Kevan & Jayde Riley said...


I stumbled onto your website tonight and I think it is wonderful. My husband and I are dreaming of being "farmers" one day when we move back home to Tennessee, but we are waiting until after seminary graduation. It has been a very long wait. I really need help in the area of "cooking" and thought your recipes would be useful (I really struggle with this part of our marriage), but the links do not work for me. Could you email them to me? Thanks!!

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Kevan & Jayde Riley-
You might want to check out my husband's blog too. I have a link to it on the right of my page. (He is a youth pastor - What are you working towards in seminary?) He has lots of great information on farming ideas and practices from his research before we even took a step towards farming.

I'm sorry the links didn't work. I checked them and they must have been deleted from the hosting site. I will try to put an e-mail link on my page so you can e-mail me your address. I'll also have it on my blog schedule to redo my recipes - but that might take awhile with our building project right now! I can get them to you by e-mail though. Thanks for dropping by!

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