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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Still Iowans

If you have been following my husband's blog at all (The Beginning Farmer), you will notice that the type of farming that interests our family is quite unconventional when it comes to Iowa farming.

There are a couple of reasons for this. I think the first reason we started down this path of farming is that it is really the only way that we see that our family could do any type of farming. We really don't have anyone that we can farm with to get started, and there is no way that we have the ability to invest in land, equipment, and everything else that comes with conventional Iowa farming. Since we were really interested in doing some type of farming though, we started looking at other ways to go about it.

As we were looking at farming in a way that doesn't require a huge amount of inputs, we started to see how that kind of farming just made since in so many ways. One of the things that we are interested in is raising a variety of animals on pasture, without the need for grains to be brought in. This type of farming benefits the environment, the farm land, the animals, the consumers, and the farmer. (You can check out the many posts on my husbands blog to see various explanations for all of those.)

When you talk to us about farming, you might get the feeling that small scale, unconventional farming is what we believe to be the only way to go.

If you would have see us today, however, you would have seen that we are still Iowans. We took a trip out to a friend's farm from our church to let our kids have some combine rides. Ethan and I both have family members that farm the conventional way, and we are proud to have our friends and family farming and want to support them in what they do.

So out we went for combine rides, although I guess we were still a little unconventional. Our farming friend suggested we all ride together in his cab with seating room for 2. How could we turn that down? So if you were driving by you would have seen 3 adults and 2 kids riding in the cab of a John Deere combine harvesting corn!

1 comment:

Walter Jeffries said...

Cozy! Looks like a space ship. :)

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