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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Chicken Feed

Today Ethan and I were excited to get some new chicken feed.

Before you start thinking that we must not get out much if we get excited about buying chicken feed, it is because of the potential for savings that we are excited - not because of the actual feed.

After we talked to Ethan's uncle, we learned that he does some of the mixing of his chicken feed himself. We thought we would give that a try. I called around to some of the feed supply stores, and we were able to get 100 lbs of chicken food today for $13.50 - about the same price we had previously been paying for 50 lbs of food.

We will be mixing a laying mix with cracked corn. Hopefully this will end up similar to what Ethan's uncle gave us. They didn't go through it as fast, and they had the best egg production so far while on that feed. So with feed expense hopefully cut in half and hopefully better egg production too, we might be able to keep chickens producing in the black through the winter months.

I'd love to hear any suggestions/favorite feed mixes from others who keep chickens.

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Jess said...

hi i thought we were the only ones who watched and tryed out different chicken feeds. we also use cracked corn mixed with our feed. we found layer crumbles mixed with cracked corn(that we mix ourselves) works well and no dust and waste. love your blog. keep up the good work. we too have just stated a blog.

Jess said...


MarmiteToasty said...

Well Janet me chicken loves special fried rice lol and Mabel loves spicey cous cous :)

Found your blob via via via I cant remember now lol


The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

My chickens just had birthday cake today! My daughter's 2nd birthday is today and I goofed up her first cake. The chickens loved it! Thanks for dropping by!

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