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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Canning Inventory

Here is a picture of one of my kitchen cupboards. The bottom shelf is all things I have canned: applesauce, green beans, spaghetti sauce, tomatoes, turkey and turkey broth, ham broth, beef broth, and dried beans. The middle shelf is just store bought noodles and dried beans from the store. I put them in jars because I thought it would look cool, and it gave me a useful way to store extra jars. The top shelf holds grape juice that my mom canned, egg noodles that I made and dried (using our chicken eggs), boy scout popcorn, some of my extra spaghetti sauce, and grape jelly - also from my mom. This is just a sampling of each thing I have. The overflow is stored elsewhere.

My summer canning has now been done for awhile. I didn't get much compared to what other people get. I hope next year to get more of a variety of produce canned and to also can larger quantities of things, however, I am very happy with what I do have from this year since it was my first year canning.

Here's what I ended up with:

  • Whole tomatoes: 10 quarts and 7 pints
  • Spaghetti sauce: 15 pints (Still looking for a different recipe, although Ethan really likes it.)
  • Green Beans: 3 quarts and 5 pints (all from my experimental fall planting)
  • Applesauce: 20 pints

    Now that the summer canning season is over, I am starting into the winter canning season. I recently cooked down 2 turkeys after they were picked clean of meat. What I ended up canning from that was 5 quarts and 10 pints of turkey and turkey broth for soup. (We just used our last jar from the last time I canned turkey broth - good timing!) I also got 5 pints of just turkey broth to add when cooking rice or other recipes.
    Last spring I also canned some dried beans for chili, enchiladas, and other meals. I only have one can of those left, and I plan on doing more. It was very handy.

    I want to try some soups among other things, but I'm not sure what yet. I would love to hear some ideas and get some recipes from all of you seasoned canners!

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    Cara said...

    I am very impressed. And I agree...the jars with beans and noddles and things, just look cool. It's very pretty!

    ~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

    Dried beans?? You canned them? I'm assuming you cooked them first... but I could be wrong. I've got a TON of dried beans... just sitting in bags... they'd get used a lot more if I'd cook them up and can them.

    You are soooo resourceful!! Way to go B.B.!!

    The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

    A lot of recipes for canning dried beans requires that you cook them first, but I found one that doesn't. It is amazing. You just soak them in the jar overnight, adjust the water height, and then can away. They cook while they can. It is WONDERFUL!!!

    The beans turn out great too. The perfect consistency and everything. I use so many more dried beans if I have canned them and don't have to go through the whole process of cooking them when I need them.

    I don't have the measurements of beans/water per jar or time in the canner on hand, but I know where it is and will post it next time I can some beans. I have a bag on the counter just waiting for me. Hopefully this week . . .

    mamabeck said...

    What a neat blog! Thanks to ~*~Jennifer~*~ mentioning your blog today on hers, I've come to visit.

    I love the "jewels" in your cabinet of the canning jars!

    Have a blessed day!

    Anonymous said...


    I just discovered your blog recently and have enjoyed reading both yours and your husband's posts. My husband & I are very much at the same place you are with trying things on a small piece of property while working towards something bigger, Lord willing.

    I'm looking forward to the recipe for canning dried beans as I'm in the same boat as Jennifer who commented earlier!

    Your canned goods look beautiful! It sure is satisfying isn't it?


    MarysMom said...

    Found you through `*`jennifer's blog. I have always been intrigued about canning but had never had the resources to try it. Now that I'm pretty much a SAHM (until somebody hires me), I think this would be a good project for me and my daughter.

    The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

    Thanks for coming by everyone. :)

    marysmom - The first thing I canned was dried beans. I think it's a great way to start. If they don't turn out, you don't lose all that much. They are pretty cheap and didn't take all summer to grow!

    I am really enjoying canning. I have been collecting my supplies for quite awhile. It seams like if you ask around, there are a lot people who have things that they don't use anymore and are willing to sell them for not much or even give them away. I have gotten my canners, jars, and other supplies 2nd hand and have saved quite a bit going that route.

    Hope you are able to give it a try!

    Trish said...

    I enjoyed reading your blog . . . I followed you here from ChickenFlicker. We're moving to a country property sometime in the next year (here in Honduras), and I'll be following you around to pick up tidbits of knowledge!

    I am working on not coveting your canning success. I haven't tried this yet, and haven't even acquired any equipment, but I'm certainly thinking about it a lot!


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