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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Newest Farm Babies

I realize that I don't post much to my blog anymore. Life is still quite full with keeping the farm and farm business going, picking up and delivering meat, Ethan still working 40 hours in town, and still homeschooling our children - now ages 7, 6, 3, and 13 months.  I just couldn't help but put up some pictures of the little babies that have arrived on our farm the last few weeks though. 

First a background story: This summer this momma pig surprised us by making a nest against a log out of gathered, fresh twigs. She had her baby pigs right out in the open woods, and they did wonderful!  This is what pigs were created to do!

This same momma pig just had another litter of piggies a few weeks ago.  She had 10 - all 10 survived and are doing great.  No farrowing crates needed for our smart momma pigs! (We don't own any by the way - the dumb mommas go elsewhere.) As you can see, half of her piggies look like her and half like their 100% purebred heritage Hereford daddy.

This is the first of our little lambs, born a week ago.  It is a Katahdin hair sheep and is doing wonderfully.

Just yesterday, we had a little calf born.  Our heritage Dexter momma did a great job cleaning him up, drying him off, and getting him nursing.  A must when born in the snow.
I would love to show you some new chicks, but as you can see by the snow - it's not quite time.  These are the eggs gathered from this morning.  I've been dreaming about hatching some out in an incubator for some more layers to be ready this summer, but we will have to wait until the weather warms and hens go clucky. (Unless anyone in the area has an incubator they are no longer in need of.)

So there you have it - the newest additions to Crooked Gap Farm.

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