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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've Had Enough, Mr. Bull!

It is spring.

The grass is turning green.

The bull in the cow pen knows the grass is turning green.

The wires on the cow pen are rusty.

The bull has figured out multiple times that the wires on the cow pen are rusty. (Which by the way was put up for cows and not a bull.)

This is not a good combination with the fact that Ethan is also gone a lot with coaching soccer in the spring.

Now I have nothing against activities that get your heart rate up. But rounding up cattle that have broken out of the pen once a week is not my first choice of exercise.

Today Ethan was gone all day with work and an away soccer game. All I'm going to say is that I spent the LAST half of the afternoon/evening rewiring the fence. Instead of 2 rusty wires, each end of the panel is now tied up with 2 rusty wires and 3 new wires.

Hopefully now I can choose my own form of exercise, and hopefully Ethan got my text message and will bring me home mint chocolate chip ice cream after the game.


Nance said...

oh boy. What an afternoon. I sure hope Ethan brings home that mint chocolate chip ice cream!

ah yes, the luxury of choosing one's own exercise. I remember those days as a young parent!

kestrel said...

Admire how you handle the farm and fix things, i am a city slicker but i love the outdoors. But I plant my own veges abd flowers. Enjoy your chop chip ice cream

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Excellent choice of icecream!

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