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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dessert Jars

Thanks for all of the great information on brown sugar. I was surprised so many people use it and glad to hear others like the dark better too.

To keep with the theme of sugar (and because we received a lot of it this past weekend), here's a little post on what I do with all of the candy that the kids get.

Caleb and Hannah each have their own "dessert jar" which is a wide mouth quart jar. Whenever they get candy it goes into their jar. After lunch and supper they get to pick one thing from their dessert jar. It can be quite a hard decision.

The dessert jar has also turned into a tool for discipline issues. I recently pulled out two lids that fit the jars. When someone has a behavior problem during the day the lid goes on their jar. If there is a lid on a jar at dessert time, no dessert comes out of the jar. They do get to take the lid off though and try again for the next meal.

As you can see, our jars are well stocked right now. They each have a lunch sack half full of candy too! Hopefully these jars will help them with eating candy in moderation. When I was growing up I probably would have scarfed it all down within a week - as you might have guessed from my brown sugar post.


kimchi said...

That is a fabulous idea. I might have to borrow that one from you! I especially liked the "open" and "closed" tops depending on behavior!

fullfreezer said...

What a great idea! Unfortunately (well, not really) my children aren't really big candy eaters. We usually end up throwing out the last of the Halloween candy at Christmas, the last of the Christmas stuff at Easter... you get the picture. Not that I'm complaining of course.

Linds said...

Great idea! I love the lids for the jars idea too. Thankfully because of allergies we get no candy, usually fruit so that helps but I still love this idea!

Linda said...

I'm SO copying your idea! ;)

Greetings from the netherlands!

6hebrons said...

I have to agree... my parents kept candy from me and when ever I went to someone's house I stuffed my face --- cookies also. My kids grow up with Candy jars... they don't secretly eat candy... but I can tell when my friends kids come over that is all they want -- they are the ones you find wrappers hidden in their rooms. I hope I am doing them a good service. It has taken me a long time not to stuff myself with candy, now that I know I will always have it. My kids only get it if they were good that day. Thanks for a wonderful blog... I am a city girl who married a farm boy at heart --- who sees living in the farm in the near future.

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