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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad, Bad Bull

Last night Ethan and I were both in town, although in separate vehicles. I got home a bit before him and put the kids to bed. I soon noticed that there were sounds coming from just outside the house. It was pretty windy, but I couldn't think of anything that would have been hitting the house. I was pretty relieved when Ethan finally got home. He thought it must be the wind too.

Ethan then went out to make his nightly rounds. He wasn't out long before I heard the door open and "Becca, get your coat, hat, boots, and two flashlights." When I got outside I was informed that our new, rather skiddish, bull was out along with the the cow and heifer that came with him.

Since he has been here he has been standing at the edge of his fence mooing and longing to get over to the other fenced in area - where all of our cows reside. Well, yesterday he had had enough and broke through the fence. Thankfully he went right over to the cows, and his family followed him.

So, it was now up to Ethan and myself to round up the skiddish, uncooperative bull on a mission with no outside lights, not much of a moon, and some pretty worthless - quick dimming flashlights. (I know what is going on our shopping list.) After many, many, many attempts, we finally herded the bull into the cow pen. Ethan was able to bribe the other two into the pen with a bucket of treats.

We were going to then cut out the bull into a separate pen, but after thinking about our previous dealings with him and assessing the situation, we decided to cut out the heifers instead. We got all but one, and boy did Ethan try hard. We decided it just wasn't going to happen though, and went inside. It was then 11:00 p.m.

Needless to say, I was not thrilled with having to round up a new bull, who obviously had a mind of his own last night, without much for lights. I am glad that we have a more docile breed because he really didn't give us much of a threat besides just not going where we wanted him to.

So Mr. Bull got his way and is with the ladies he so longed to be with. I hope he is happy.


Anonymous said...

and so goes the life of a farmer and the beginning farmer's wife.

Aren't you glad you are writing this all down? You'll have so much to laugh about in a few years -- okay, maybe a few more than a few years . . . but the stories you will tell! said...


that sounds like a lot of bull-oney!! i think i would of moved him in with a good whack with a rake or broom handle!! (unless he had horns!) then i might of considered it a bit more. geez, what a night, i hope you didn't have cold weather on top of all that wind. bless your little selves for all your efforts. as i read your blogs, i think how easy it is for me and my husband to go out and rake or mow and feed our two dogs. bless you both in your work! jo

Tracy said...

Oh my! Ha- that testosterone...We had bought a ram right before Christmas and put him in a fortified pen next to 10 "ladies". The next morning Phil went out to feed and water the sheep and lo and behold- he had "rammed" his way through the pen and was in with the girls. So much for carving off some to's nice to know that kind of stuff happens to others, too =)

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said... I just added a picture of him - he does have horns. :) Thankfully they had been tipped or I would have been quite a bit more nervous. I would have loved to have a rake with me, but the best thing I could find was a 5 gallon bucket. Not very much of a weapon, but it made noise when I hit it with the dimming flashlight and was white so I showed up a bit more. (I guess I don't know if that was a good thing!)

Those boys really get determined, don't they! Ethan walked around the perimeter of the cow fence and secured it wherever it looked like it might need securing the next day, although I don't think our bull has any intention of going anywhere now. said...

awwww, he looks kind of cute from here. but at midnight, with no lights and when it is cold...i bet he is NOT cute. especially when he does not behave. but look at his cute little face.... jo

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